Mobility, Green, Living + Commercial


Located on the outskirts of Helsinki, the metamorphosis of this transit center into the dynamic Helsinki East Urban Center takes place along the flanks of the largest core in itäväylä area and it is called MGLC.

The pulse of this area will continue to grow and our vision can provide for its complete transformation into an entirely new place with appealing aesthetics and contemporary designs.

Human centered redesign of roads will restructure pedestrian and bicycle lanes to blend in with the natural green that flows in from the neighbouring area and spreads through the whole site. In addition to this, parking facilities for cars and bicycles will be allocated to accomplish a newly organized traffic concept.

Itaväylo will transition in the future with a new and elegant two-armed bridge that connects its northern and southern parts. Pedestrians will have the opportunity to easily walk from Itis to Easton Shopping Center. This new bridge will also allow cyclists to cross the highway, with ramps and lift access and provide a more universal access around the clock.

In addition to the existing metro and bus options, another station for the Light Rail train is planned on the northeast part of the city, with direct connection to Puotila metro station.

To enhance life further in this neighborhood and give it a distinct personality, a hybrid building typology that pops up at various points of the site was developed. This typology aims to contain residential, commercial, office spaces and parking in the same infrastructure.
Currently visible old-fashioned surface sealed structures style will be reduced to minimum.

Our idea offers mobility hotspots at the lower floors that includes car and bycicle parking, E-bike rental, E-charger station, public restrooms, baby changing stations and wheelchair accessible restrooms. An open light- and air-permeable facade design will make urbanity visible to pedestrian and promote a positive image where the buildings don’t appear as they were isolated from the rest of the city.
The semi-public floor above the mobility floor offers space for commercial offices, hotels and cultural establishements to attract residents to this area.

Residents are located on the top two floors with each four apartments of approx 100 m² creating a L-shape building. The residents should be guaranteed the greatest possible sun exposure throughout the day. Daylight will also be channeled into the building’s parking and commercial levels with the help of skylights that are located in the gardens. Depending on the specific requirements, these buildings are adapted to their unique designs. Nevertheless the previously mentioned functions. This solution ensures sufficient parking space for today’s needs and future consolidation of the area.

Green would become the motive of the city, occupying every possible comer: streets, roots, facades, and squares, the cityscape would generate a peaceful feeling where people live comfortably, the urban space is appealing, and recreational value is maximized.

Nature floats from the outskirts trough the streets over the facades to the roofs and into the buildings. It creates space for recreation, fresh air to breath and tranquility. This layer is on top of the big structure. It serves as a garden for the residents and greens up the whole area.

Each flat has around 100m2 and a green roof. Four flats are creates the shape of an “L” together. This shape guarantees plenty of fresh air and daylight.
This layer is on the 3rd and 4th floor.

Any other uses like hotel, shopping, business, office premises, service facilities and cultural buildings are located between layers of mobility and living.

Parking cars and bicycles, e-bike rentals, e- charger station, baby changing station, public toilets and wheelchair accessible toilets. This layer is the groundfloor, which occasionally expands to the first floor.